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Have you given your pet a letter of intent?

A wonderful ten year old Labrador named Futte came into the clinic – an old friend which we had been following for years. Over the past few months there had been a change in Futtes behavior. He seemed more fatigued and had trouble settling in at night. His abdomen had become bloated, but he still […]

When the sky got 3 new stars!

A bag containing a harness, food bowl, blanket, toys and various treats is standing in front of me by the stairs. It is going to the basement for storage until it is picked up along with other things, to be brought to a shelter somewhere in the world. I have not carried it down there […]

Is your pet suffering from allergies?

 Think holistic and help them to a better life!  Many pets suffer from allergies. Get an overview on what you can do for your animal, if they battle with allergy!  What is allergy? Allergy is the body’s immune system response to substances (allergens) that are generally harmless. The animal must have been exposed to an […]

Welcome to my world: ALL about our pets

This side you will get a unique insight in the amazing universe that surrounds our animals. I work as a veterinarian on a small animal clinic in Copenhagen, and it is the best work ever, and I love my daily life. I hope my page will make life better for animals. The more knowledge we […]

Take good care of your ageing dog!

I have a lot of clients coming to me with their ageing dogs! People are concerned.  The dog doesn’t seem like itself and the owner wonders if the dog might be ill. It appears tired and not as enthusiastic in its greeting the owner when they come home and the energy isn’t what it has been. […]

Stop displaying sick animals!

These days videos are often shared online. A bulldog is shown running up a hill. Halfway up it stops and rolls down the hill. The bulldog gets back up, continues up the hill, only to fall down again. Some people think that watching the dog tumbling down the hill “is funny”, as if, by it’s […]

An animal are not just lazy!

“Look at the “lazy” animal”! So called ”funny” videos of dogs and cats are all over the internet such as a dog crawling out of bed, a dog that grunts and snores loudly, a dog which walks or runs in a “funny” manner, a cat that ”dances” or is used for entertainment. The videos are […]

Dogs DO NOT experience guilt!

It’s not fun to watch a dog being scared! First things first: Dogs DO NOT experience guilt. Guilt is a human trade, we as humans mistakenly impose our animals. A video has been circulating the internet, which has also been shared by Ekstra Bladet and several other medias around the world.. The video shows a […]

No, not all dogs need to greet!

Written by: Veterinarian Lise Rovsing (Dyreklinikken Artemis) & Hanne Truelsen (Snudekompagniet) Most dog owners are familiar with the following scenario: You are walking your dog wearing harness and on its leash. Suddenly an unfamiliar dog comes running towards you. From a far the owner shouts:” don’t worry, my dog is friendly”! A second later, the […]