An animal are not just lazy!

“Look at the “lazy” animal”!

So called ”funny” videos of dogs and cats are all over the internet such as a dog crawling out of bed, a dog that grunts and snores loudly, a dog which walks or runs in a “funny” manner, a cat that ”dances” or is used for entertainment.

The videos are followed by funny remarks and are shared amongst thousands of people, who find amusement in watch the animals in distress.

Dogs and cats are not lazy – it’s a trade assigned by humans.

The cause of the animals so called ”laziness” is often serious health problems.

The grunting and snoring dog has severe problem with narrowing of the airways, restricting it of air, which makes it grunt and snore.

The dog with a”funny” gait, has severe problem with its legs, which causes the dog extreme pain when trying to walk normally.

It is never funny to see animals suffer.

If everyone would just learn the language of the animals then maybe the humor would have a change of character.

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