Are snacks from China the reason for death among our pets?

There is currently a fierce debate about whether or not chicken snacks made in China are the cause of death amongst our dogs.

Fact Check:  There has not yet been identified any substance in these products that has been correlated to mortality in animals.

The problem must be viewed from a different angle.

Everything in moderation“.

The snacks are very popular because they are very tasty. As such, many people like to feed them to their dogs.

The snacks also have a high protein content. However, you can harm the body if you eat too much protein. Excessive protein intake can over burden the kidneys and in the worst case lead to organ failure.

Particularly small dog breeds are at risk.

Small dogs are often a bit picky when it comes to food and often don’t eat that much. If you are given get a couple of these treats each time and given them several times during the day, it can easily decrease the dog’s appetite and take interest from the dog’s regular diet as they feel full.

In this way the dog gets its energy mainly from protein. If protein becomes the dog’s primary food intake, in the worst case scenario, this can cause damage to the body.

Therefore, one must always be careful to ensure that the dog has a varied diet.

Denmark is a very regulated country.

Our snack suppliers all live up to the requirements that ensure consumers have access to a safe product.

Requirements are imposed on the raw materials, the production and testing of the products. The procedures that must be carried out are both complex and comprehensive in order to meet both national and international standards.

The procedures ensure that we as consumers can safely use the products.

However, there is no legislation that can stop people from giving their dogs too many snacks.

We cannot legislate on common sense.

Treat your dog with care and use snacks with moderation ?



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