Dogs DO NOT experience guilt!

It’s not fun to watch a dog being scared!

First things first: Dogs DO NOT experience guilt. Guilt is a human trade, we as humans mistakenly impose our animals.

A video has been circulating the internet, which has also been shared by Ekstra Bladet and several other medias around the world..

The video shows a man pointing an object which has been chewed on at two dogs. He asks the dogs in a very threatening manner, who of them has chewed on the object.

One of the dogs turns away from the man. The man continues, moving towards the dogs with the object. One of the dogs creeps up to the other dog and hides its head.

This is apparently a situation that many people find amusing.

The poor dog is obviously very scared of the man and is showing all the signs of submissive behaviour.

Dogs use submissive behavior to show friendliness, when feeling threatened.

Picture 1: The dog turns its face and putting its ears back, which is submissive behavior.

Picture 2: The dog turns away from the man, which is submissive behavior and a sign of friendliness.

Picture 3: The object is getting closer. The dog is withdrawing itself and attempting to turn away from the man.

It is a very stressful situation for a dog to be spoken to in such a manner and at the same time being confronted with an object as if it was being thrown at it.

The dog is displaying amazing behavior. Instead of trying to defend itself and its friend, the dog is using its body language telling the man to stop threatening them.

I don’t think that it’s fun to watch a dog being scared. It makes me sad that this is the sort of video that brings amusement to some people. It clearly shows that a lot of people don’t know the dogs language and therefor misinterprets different behavior in our pets as ”funny”.

This is NOT amusing in any way!

I think that it’s very unsettling that a media such as Ekstra Bladet is exhibiting humans’ inability to read dog behavior and therefor having fun at the expense of a very scared dog.

Read the Danish version of the article here!