Help your dog through corona times!

Are you lucky to spend the next 2 weeks with your dog? 

Have a read and get some tips and ideas on how to get the best from the extra time together due to corona, while still respecting your best friend’s needs. 

Routines and regularity!

Animals are happy in their daily life and prefer routines and regularity. Though the coming time are not normal week days, you must still try to give your dog a daily routine. 

Take your dog for the usual morning- and evening walks. Maybe, turn it into a longer luxury-like experience than normal, as the morning walk doesn’t have to be done quickly due to the Corona restrictions. Give time and let the dog sniff and enjoy the morning walk. Take a new route. It will be a mutual wonderful experience. 

Rest during the day!

Most dogs are not used to us being around all day. It can be a tough burden for a dog having to cope with people more than usual. Maybe there is even kids at home who suddenly have free time, as schools are closed. Normally the kids go to school and the adults go to work, but suddenly the dog is the center of the attention all dayHowever dogs need an opportunity to relax. Don’t let the kids or your self use the dog as “an entertainment break”. Respect the dog when it rests and leave it alone.

A dog usually follows the daily activities. If we don’t make sure it gets to rest, then you stress your dog.

There is no need for the dog to follow all of our activities during the day. As an example the dog doesn’t need to join the kids every time they go into the garden. The dog reflects itself in us humans, so if we get stressed out and restless, then the dog will too!

New tricks!

The new Corona-driven circumstances frees up time for a bit of training with your dog. All the things you have talked about teaching the dog for so long, can now become reality. But do remember, the dogs capacity for learning new things are limited. You must lower your ambition levela bit. Teach only your dog new things for a shorter period at a time. Just because you have more free hours, doesn’t mean that the dog will learn things faster. 

Let your dog take mental breaks during the training. Like people, thiswill make new learning easier to comprehend. 


A date with a good friend!

Arrange play dates. Most dogs are used to meeting other doggies on their walks. During this period of Corona-restrictions, we are however not supposed to gather in larger groups. This limits your dogs normal social contact opportunity.

Make plans for a walkwith someone else. Remember, we humans need to keep a distance while we walk the dogs.


Turn down the volume!

Working from home means computers, i-pads, i-phones, e-games and TV.

The many sounds and flashing lightfrom the electronics are a constant impact for animals during the day. Consider turning down the sound and turn off electronicswheneveryou can. This will limit the stressfull impact for yourdog. Interestingly, itmight help us humans relax too. 

Be present!

Be present when you are with your dog. Put down the phone and pay attention. Wonderful walks with your dog aremost certainly healthy for all of us during this period of crisis.If you take precautions and take care of your best friend, the next 14 days will be a pleasure for the dog and yourself.

Remember that what is right for humans is not always the best for your dog, but with a bit of common sense, we will all have a good time.


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