Welcome to my world: ALL about our pets

This side you will get a unique insight in the amazing universe that surrounds our animals. I work as a veterinarian on a small animal clinic in Copenhagen, and it is the best work ever, and I love my daily life.

I hope my page will make life better for animals. The more knowledge we humans acquire, on how to interact and treat our pets the right way, the better life we can provide for our beloved animals.

When you have a pet, you experience many emotions: laughter, happiness, frustration and the anxiety about having to say goodbye someday. When you acquire a pet you automatically know a grief will follow, because their life come to an end one day.  This page takes up the tough topics on the final journey to the stars.

To have a pet that’s considered healthy is more than just ‘NOT being sick with a clinical illness’. To be healthy is a matter of balance:  physical and mental health shall both be in place. The animal shall be comfortable in their surroundings.

On my page you will explore:

  • Knowledge that will enlightening you on diseases, wellness and animal behaviour.
  • We go close to the difficult topic: when is the right time to say good bye to your pets (euthanasia).
  • A debate about the way society treats animals. Animal welfare are many things, and all animals shall be treated decent and with respect.
  • Stories from the daily life as a veterinarian.
  • A bunch of pictures of animals.

Remember: if you ever are in doubt about you animal’s health – please GO to a veterinarian. NO online advice can replace a consultation with a doctor, if you think you animal is sick!