The dark side of the law for dogs!

Wednesday afternoon a dog had to give up its life because of an owner’s bad judgement.

Pablo 2 years old came to the owner adopted  from a shelter a year ago.

Pablo has always been a sensitive soul. All things were therefore taken into consideration to get Pablo integrated into the family, which also counts another adult dog.

Daily Pablo had been trained around other animals and humans with his owner, and daily there was a little progress. Slowly Pablo gained more and more faith in his surroundings.

Yesterday Pablo went out for a walk. He was in a familiar area, where they rarely met other people, Pablo’s owner had chosen not to keep him on a leash. Pablo met some people, got scared and put his teeth in them.

The police arrived and made an arrest of Pablo’s owner and they both went to the police station.

The law for dogs (hundeloven)!

Pablo’s owner is fully aware of the consequences of the law (Hundeloven). He knew the next step would be that Pablo is boarded at a shelter, while the case is being processed.

The psyche of Pablo is at a level, where it would break him again to be taken from his familiar surroundings and owner. The result would still be due to the consequences of the law and the unfortunate occurrence, that he is being put to sleep.

The owner of Pablo makes the decision himself, that Pablo is being put to sleep right away. The owner didn’t want a case processed that would lead to fatal consequences for the dog.

They decided to go to Artemis, where Pablo would feel at home. He should end his life in a safe environment, especially with the stressful situation in mind.


Pablo came into the examination room, ate a tray of liver pate and feel to a final sleep with a very miserable owner by his side. Two police officers were on the other side of the door. Nobody was comfortable about the situation.

The owner of Pablo went with the police, and Pablo was being prepared for cremation. Later in the afternoon I got a text, that the owner of Pablo was back home, and he would like for the other dog in the family to get to say goodbye to Pablo.

Pablo had to be taken out of the freezer so his good buddy could sniff a goodbye. A very touching moment that will late be forgotten.

The responsibility!

Fact is that Pablo is gone. He is gone because the owner didn’t take the right precautions. The owner of Pablo should had been more careful about his dog. Pablo should never had been placed in a situation with the opportunity to biting. Pablo should had been on a leash and it’s the full responsibility of the owner. The owner of Pablo is fully aware of it.

The law is not justifying – because it is the people who are the problem – not the dogs. The dogs are the losers in this game.

Do I feel upset about Pablo dying? Yes, but I feel even worse about that we have some laws that make the animals the guilty one due to human failure.

Let us have another look at the law. There gotta be other answers to the challenges than just taking the lives of the animals.

Read the Danish version here! 


Raising for Rada!

This is a joyous day despite a little sadness because Rada has left. She has gone to the most loving, best family that from now on will provide her with a good home.

This afternoon Rada was handed over after a long introduction to her physical needs and a talk about her nature.

The life on three legs calls for a lot of love, care, and a special attention to her needs.

Rada is a radiant light in sharp contrast to the dark shadows of the Russian shelter. She got out and has enriched everybody she has met in so many ways.

Taking her past into consideration she has more guts than most… I will definitely follow her closely in the future! I can say the same for Thomas Rathsack.

Rada will in the future be the symbol for the raising money for the shelter in Russia.

“Raising for Rada” will monthly support the shelter in Russia where Rada came from.



From Russia to Denmark!

Through the organisation “Fra snude til snude”, three-legged Rada has moved to Denmark!

“Snude til snude i a charity project, read more here!

We have raised money for a shelter in Russia. Through the shelter we have adopted a three-legged dog Rada to Denmark!

Monday January 15th 9 pm!

How does it feel to sleep on a soft blanket in a warm room for the first time, after having slept on the hard floor of a shed for years? 

What do you think when your food is served nicely diced in a bowl, when you used to eat old meat directly from the pot? 

What feelings flow through your body when loving strokes in endless amounts replace the fight for attention in the pack?

 Whether three-legged Rada has those kinds of thoughts, we have no idea.


Arrival in Denmark!

Hopefully she feels the care and love she was met with when she arrived in Denmark from the cold shelter in Russia late last night. Chelina came in, rolling Rada in her pet carrie. Chelina’s lovely family, Thomas and I stood there in exited anticipation.


The trip from Russia to Denmark is undeniably a stressful journey for a dog.

That is why it is so important that the first period in this new country is as calm as possible. The impressions as seen from the snout are overwhelming as it is.

To begin with she was stressed.

In the car home from the airport, Rada sat at the backseat – i.e. she sat in the lap of Lise as she would rather sit with her muzzle resting on a shoulder.

She had been barking from the moment she landed and that continued throughout the ride.

At the arrival at Artemis, she was let out at the parking lot. She lifted her head, and then she wanted to go for a little walk.

On three legs!

Rada I challenged by her lack of one foreleg, which complicates her sniffing. In that way she is different from most dogs. Her leg was wounded in an accident and got amputated below her shoulder.

In the beginning we therefore decided to spare her from dealing with stairs.

It was the plan that she should have a thorough check-up by the veterinarian, when she arrived in Denmark. We need to know her psyche and overall state of health to provide her with the optimal settings for her to have a good life.

Rada stayed at Artemis for the night. She should not be moved more than necessary.

After a short walk we returned to the clinic where a bed was made for Rada.

She was shown the soft blankets, and when Thomas Rathsack sat down with her, she finally relaxed. She slept right there all through the night. She had to do without Thomas as I took over the watch.


That’s how Rada and I spend the night in the consulting room. Snout to snout.

She definitely slept more than me. More than once I stroked her to make sure she didn’t feel lonely or sad!


What’s next?

Today we have run a series of tests on her. She takes some short walks and relaxes in between.

Rada’s stress and alertness needs to be removed. Up till now it has worked well.

The right home for Rada is one with an endless, loving warmth. And there are the challenges with her motor skills to take into consideration.

A dog can live a fulfilling life on three legs, but it needs the family to pay attention to its special needs.

To adopt dogs from abroad is not just a simple matter.

Rada is one of many dogs from the Russian shelter, Rada has had  the chance of a new life.

It makes a difference to help one dog – also even though you cannot save them all!

Our donation has created a local awareness.

Chelina has been on local TV, which has put focus on the shelter, and now more people have adopted dogs and cats.

Respect for life!

Rada is – apart form being a lovely dog – also a symbol for the fact that it makes a difference when we help. The respect for life, no matter the circumstances and challenges, is important. The respect also entails choosing the alternative, when that is the best for the animal.

Seen from the outside some people may think “Three legs? Is that a life worth living?”

YES, it is. If you pay attention and provide the proper care, life on three legs isn’t bad at all.

To put it bluntly – for the perspective: A lot of dogs suffer from severe osteoarthritis – sometimes in only one leg. It can end up being so debilitating that the dog puts all weight on the other leg to ease the pain.

Just as when you only have one leg, your body needs to compensate for the balance that is no longer working. These dogs live good lives, provided with proper care – until the day life no longer is a good life for the dog.

Rada’s handicap is obvious. A lot of dogs suffer from conditions not apparently visible for us.

No matter what happens, what is best for Rada is what sets the course.

We don’t yet know exactly what the coordinates are, but we are on our way to find them.

Tonight Thomas watches over Rada. Or is it the other way round? In any way she could not be in better hands.

When Tuesday arrives we will see what the day brings. Until then we just need Rada to feel good and get used to her new life.

Everyone surrounding Rada is again reminded that a dog is not “just a dog”, but just about the most trusting and life affirming presence, you will meet.

Raising for charity for pets all over the world!

 From one pet to another!

Follow our Facebook page “Fra snude til snude” meaning “from one pet to another”.  The page will show our activities in relations to collecting items, which will be donated to animals in need worldwide. The page will to act as a place for coordinating events that collect money for specific projects!

Find the site here!

Help us help others

Pet owners in Denmark love their animals. They shall not want for anything. That’s why it is quite common that we have collected a lot of “equipment” during the life of our pets. That “equipment” may at some point no longer be of use to us. Our pets outgrow their harnesses, they do no longer play with certain toys, they get new dog baskets etc. The “old” items are not in use anymore.

These items may be in perfect order but we are used to throwing away things we no longer need. “Snout To Snout” wishes to change that approach and put them to good use, so that animals all over the world can benefit from them.

When we say goodbye!

A different scenario unfolds the day we say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Often there will be bowls, harnesses, leashes, toys and more left over from a long life. Throwing these items away seems wrong, as they represent fond memories. Some items can be saved, of course, but in many cases it is nice to start afresh.

Project “fra snude til snude” helps passing on used items. We continuously support hot spots, such as animal shelters in Denmark and abroad, and we give donations to projects that need help. We cannot always know, when that happens.

Where can I leave my things?

We are collecting for projects supporting animals in need, so they can benefit from what surplus we have. We are collecting at Dyreklinikken Artemis, Gersonsvej 2, 2900 Hellerup, and at Fuglebjergvej 9, 3400 Hillerød.

Do you want to help?

Please get in touch through the facebook page, if you would like to be a pick-up point.

Do you have a project in need of help?

If you have an association or a project that needs help, send us a message and you will be put on our list of projects. Our opportunity to help depends on how many donations we are in possession of. “From one pet to anothert” is a continuous event.

Who is behind the project?

Veterinarian Lise Rovsing runs the project with the support from former Special Forces Soldier Thomas Rathsack. Through our network we wish to put focus on helping animals in need by utilising existing resources.

“From one pet to another” has already helped:

  • We have shipped donations to an animal shelter In Rumania
  • We have shipped a huge donation to help homeless dogs
  • In December 2017 we have send money to buy forage for a shelter in remote Russia