The dark side of the law for dogs!

Wednesday afternoon a dog had to give up its life because of an owner’s bad judgement.

Pablo 2 years old came to the owner adopted  from a shelter a year ago.

Pablo has always been a sensitive soul. All things were therefore taken into consideration to get Pablo integrated into the family, which also counts another adult dog.

Daily Pablo had been trained around other animals and humans with his owner, and daily there was a little progress. Slowly Pablo gained more and more faith in his surroundings.

Yesterday Pablo went out for a walk. He was in a familiar area, where they rarely met other people, Pablo’s owner had chosen not to keep him on a leash. Pablo met some people, got scared and put his teeth in them.

The police arrived and made an arrest of Pablo’s owner and they both went to the police station.

The law for dogs (hundeloven)!

Pablo’s owner is fully aware of the consequences of the law (Hundeloven). He knew the next step would be that Pablo is boarded at a shelter, while the case is being processed.

The psyche of Pablo is at a level, where it would break him again to be taken from his familiar surroundings and owner. The result would still be due to the consequences of the law and the unfortunate occurrence, that he is being put to sleep.

The owner of Pablo makes the decision himself, that Pablo is being put to sleep right away. The owner didn’t want a case processed that would lead to fatal consequences for the dog.

They decided to go to Artemis, where Pablo would feel at home. He should end his life in a safe environment, especially with the stressful situation in mind.


Pablo came into the examination room, ate a tray of liver pate and feel to a final sleep with a very miserable owner by his side. Two police officers were on the other side of the door. Nobody was comfortable about the situation.

The owner of Pablo went with the police, and Pablo was being prepared for cremation. Later in the afternoon I got a text, that the owner of Pablo was back home, and he would like for the other dog in the family to get to say goodbye to Pablo.

Pablo had to be taken out of the freezer so his good buddy could sniff a goodbye. A very touching moment that will late be forgotten.

The responsibility!

Fact is that Pablo is gone. He is gone because the owner didn’t take the right precautions. The owner of Pablo should had been more careful about his dog. Pablo should never had been placed in a situation with the opportunity to biting. Pablo should had been on a leash and it’s the full responsibility of the owner. The owner of Pablo is fully aware of it.

The law is not justifying – because it is the people who are the problem – not the dogs. The dogs are the losers in this game.

Do I feel upset about Pablo dying? Yes, but I feel even worse about that we have some laws that make the animals the guilty one due to human failure.

Let us have another look at the law. There gotta be other answers to the challenges than just taking the lives of the animals.

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