Raising for charity for pets all over the world!

 From one pet to another!

Follow our Facebook page “Fra snude til snude” meaning “from one pet to another”.  The page will show our activities in relations to collecting items, which will be donated to animals in need worldwide. The page will to act as a place for coordinating events that collect money for specific projects!

Find the site here!

Help us help others

Pet owners in Denmark love their animals. They shall not want for anything. That’s why it is quite common that we have collected a lot of “equipment” during the life of our pets. That “equipment” may at some point no longer be of use to us. Our pets outgrow their harnesses, they do no longer play with certain toys, they get new dog baskets etc. The “old” items are not in use anymore.

These items may be in perfect order but we are used to throwing away things we no longer need. “Snout To Snout” wishes to change that approach and put them to good use, so that animals all over the world can benefit from them.

When we say goodbye!

A different scenario unfolds the day we say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Often there will be bowls, harnesses, leashes, toys and more left over from a long life. Throwing these items away seems wrong, as they represent fond memories. Some items can be saved, of course, but in many cases it is nice to start afresh.

Project “fra snude til snude” helps passing on used items. We continuously support hot spots, such as animal shelters in Denmark and abroad, and we give donations to projects that need help. We cannot always know, when that happens.

Where can I leave my things?

We are collecting for projects supporting animals in need, so they can benefit from what surplus we have. We are collecting at Dyreklinikken Artemis, Gersonsvej 2, 2900 Hellerup, and at Fuglebjergvej 9, 3400 Hillerød.

Do you want to help?

Please get in touch through the facebook page, if you would like to be a pick-up point.

Do you have a project in need of help?

If you have an association or a project that needs help, send us a message and you will be put on our list of projects. Our opportunity to help depends on how many donations we are in possession of. “From one pet to anothert” is a continuous event.

Who is behind the project?

Veterinarian Lise Rovsing runs the project with the support from former Special Forces Soldier Thomas Rathsack. Through our network we wish to put focus on helping animals in need by utilising existing resources.

“From one pet to another” has already helped:

  • We have shipped donations to an animal shelter In Rumania
  • We have shipped a huge donation to help homeless dogs
  • In December 2017 we have send money to buy forage for a shelter in remote Russia