From the Vetenarian:

Help your dog through New Year’s Eve

People all over the world will all soon get around Denmark to celebrate the New Year with fireworks.  How can you best help your dog get through the days when the loud and harsh sounds of exploding fireworks are all around and the sky is lit up by flying rockets? Dogs hear 4.5 times better […]

Quick guide to understanding your dog.

Learn the language of your dog  A dog communicates through body language. The most important signals are the calming signals They tell us, if a dog feels pressed, stressed, or uncomfortable. These signals include: licking their mouths a smacking sound winking their eyes turning the head to one side pulling the ears back wagging with […]


Yesterday the vet clinic  got a phone call. Once again it was time. A little dog called Mille, was to be sent on her final journey. I had known the owner, Mrs Green, for many years, but she had not been at the clinic for quite some time. She lived a little distanced away in […]