From the Vetenarian:

Quick guide to understanding your dog.

Learn the language of your dog  A dog communicates through body language. The most important signals are the calming signals They tell us, if a dog feels pressed, stressed, or uncomfortable. These signals include: licking their mouths a smacking sound winking their eyes turning the head to one side pulling the ears back wagging with […]


Yesterday the vet clinic  got a phone call. Once again it was time. A little dog called Mille, was to be sent on her final journey. I had known the owner, Mrs Green, for many years, but she had not been at the clinic for quite some time. She lived a little distanced away in […]

Don’t lose touch with your pet!

These days an add is running for a glove, that’s meant for grooming your pet. The glove has spikes that help effectively to remove the hair, and the add says: ”your pet loves it”. I don’t like the use of gloves like these, neither does your pet. Yes, a dog needs grooming. How much and […]