Check up on heart- and lungworms:

How to pick up the pooh!

  1. You must collect 3 poohs tree days in a row. The worms are being expelled in “waves”, by giving us 3 samples we increase chance of catching worms in dog. Collectapproximately at the same time at the day (ex. morning or evening pooh).
  2. Pick just the top of the pooh. Be carefull not to collect grass or dirt in the bag as it can contaminate the test. We use only a spoonful of faeces from each sample to do the test.
  3. Use just an ordinary pooh bag.
  4. The samples must be stored in a chilly place. They must not become frozen or be exposed to bright sunlight. The best place to keep them safe is in a container in the fridge.
  5. When you have collected 3 samples, bring them to the vet.

Enjoy 🙂