From the Vetenarian:

Welcome to the puppy

A new puppy in the family is a joy. Puppies are cute and adorable, but it takes some effort from the whole family if the puppy should thrive and grow into an integrated part of the home. Being together with the puppy is enriching and filled with great adventures, so look forward to beginning a […]

Exercises for the senior dog!

The Corona crises has given us more time at home. Are you so privileged to have a senior dog at home? Then here is the chance to give it a bit more attention. We teamed up with Line Lukowski. Line usually performs physiotherapy on dogs and cats and has a close co-work with Artemis. She […]

Help your dog through corona times!

Are you lucky to spend the next 2 weeks with your dog?  Have a read and get some tips and ideas on how to get the best from the extra time together due to corona, while still respecting your best friend’s needs.  Routines and regularity! Animals are happy in their daily life and prefer routines and regularity. Though the coming time are not normal week […]