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Exercises for the senior dog!

The Corona crises has given us more time at home. Are you so privileged to have a senior dog at home?

Then here is the chance to give it a bit more attention.

We teamed up with Line Lukowski. Line usually performs physiotherapy on dogs and cats and has a close co-work with Artemis.

She will guide us through some small exercises that can have a huge impact on the older dog.

Many older dogs suffer from arthritis. They will get stiff muscles and joints. When the dog gets up in the morning, it walks a little stiff and oppressed. As it gets going, joints and muscles warm up and the movement gets easier.

It’s especially the back that stiffens because the dog will relieve its sore legs.

Because of this it’s a great idea to stretch out. It can easily become a part of the dog’s daily routine before the walk, so it’s a natural part of the day.

You just need to do 2 stretches 3 x daily.


How to stretch out

Stretch 1:

  • Stand by the side of the dog
  • Hold a hand up towards the chest from the abdominal area.
  • With a treat in your hand you make the dog look between its front legs and then up again.
  • Repeat the stretch three times.


Stretch 2:

  • Stand by the side of the dog
  • Hold a treat up in front of the snout. With the help of the treat you make the dog move its head to the side of the body, as far as it can do.
  • Repeat to the other side.
  • Repeat the stretch three times.

Remember not to pressure the dog longer than it can go – often improvements come fast.

The older dog will also benefit from a light massage on the back. The massage will loosen up tense muscles. The more pain it has in its back and legs, the more tense it gets in the muscles to reduce the pain.

How to give massage!

  • Make slow movements down the back of the dog from head to tail.
  • Keep a hand on the dog at all times.
  • Make slow circles with a slightly rounded hand (large contact surface) from head to tail.
  • Spend about 10 minutes at night where the dog is relaxed.

Remember it’s on the dog’s premises, and not all dogs would enjoy it. If an area is uncomfortable for the dog, then avoid the massage in that area to start with.

There are so many things we can do to ease the life for the senior dog.

If your dog starts to show signs of arthritis, then contact your vet.

There are many alternatives which doesn’t involve medication. Each course is made for the individual dog.

We work closely with the physiotherapist, where Line’s treatment and programs can work wonders when the body hurts, and the life’s patina starts to show.

The dog as well as us humans benefit from working out all our lives.

Use your time at home to give your older dog a better wellbeing with some easy exercises.


Line Lukowski

Line Lukowski and Gilbert!