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Limit the use of fireworks – for the sake of the animals!

The use of fireworks should be limited to half an hour on New Year’s Eve only!

All animals dogs, cats, birds, cows, pigs, horses (it is along list) suffer from the use of fireworks!

The loud bangs and flashes of lights cause anxiety in their bodies.

The use of fireworks is utterly harmful to animals and the use must be limited to an annual use of half an hour around the turn of the year between December 31 and January 1 . Consequently, the use of fireworks should be completely banned long-term.

As a practising veterinarian of many years, every year I experience the damage that fireworks inflict on animals.

Often, it is necessary to give pets highly sedative medication for them not to be mentally disabled on New Year’s Eve or other evenings of the year, where fireworks are used such as. at weddings, parties, or similar.

To give medication is not an option for all the animals that live freely in the wild.

Animals’ sharpened hearing, sight and sense of smell make the experience of fireworks very frightening. 

The anxiety caused, continues when the fireworks are over.

Fireworks can damage animals for life!

Animals’ ability to cope with new things is limited. Sudden sharp flashes of light and loud noises have an extremely anxiety-provoking effect on animals, causing them unnecessary pain.

The Europe of the future must treat animals with dignity and respect.

We have a responsibility to take good care of all animals, both domestic animals and those living in the wild!

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