Don’t lose touch with your pet!

These days an add is running for a glove, that’s meant for grooming your pet.

The glove has spikes that help effectively to remove the hair, and the add says: ”your pet loves it”.

I don’t like the use of gloves like these, neither does your pet.

Yes, a dog needs grooming. How much and how often depends on the breed and it’s need for grooming.

The grooming amount shouldn’t be designed after how much humans are annoyed by the shedding, but after what’s right for the animal.

If you use a glove, you LOSE the sensation with the animal.

A calm grooming ritual is a very nice thing to share with your animal.

It gives you a unique opportunity to feel the animal.  You can hereby notice, if something is not right when you calmly go through your pet with a brush and your hands.

You definitely don’t have the same sensation using a glove with spikes.

If you look closely to the video you see a large dog in the beginning being brushed with the glove.

The dog has his ears back and the dog is in pain, not relaxed and enjoying. All calming signals, showing the animal is NOT comfortable with the situation.

Knowing a video sometimes just shows a wee moment in a larger content, I believe animals prefer a human contact with a calm hand and brush.

Stay in touch with your pets, don’t get lost in fancy tricks and “quick fixes”.



Link for the video add!